Bespoke Cut

If you’ve selected the Four Cs and the size separately, and now can’t find a diamond to match the combination, that’s where the bespoke cut comes in. Jianna Jewelers can custom cut a diamond to match your preferences. Based on your requirements, a bespoke-cut diamond can either be shaped using existing diamonds in the market, or it can be crafted using freshly-sourced rough diamonds. Before selecting the first option, you should consider including the number of precise cuts needed to suit your requirements, making sure that the graining levels of the existing diamonds aren’t too high, making sure there are no strains, etc.

Cutting from rough diamonds is not easy, as there’s no way to estimate the exact clarity, color, or carat of a rough diamond. We often get such estimation requests from customers, and we have the expertise, skillset and the will to do it. This is one of the main reasons why our bespoke-cut pieces are in high demand among Jianna Jewelers customers. With us, you get exactly what you desire.