How to select a diamond

1) Shape

Shape and size (carat) play a significant role in the appearance of a diamond. Every other category determines the quality of the diamond, but for the size of the rock, it’s important that you first choose how big you want the carat to be.

2) Cut

If there’s one area apart from size where you shouldn’t compromise while purchasing the diamond, it’s cut. Go for the diamonds that are precisely cut, as that will make the diamond shine. If you want a diamond that’s more sparkly, make sure it’s cut neatly. Size and cut are the markers of the brilliance of your diamond.

3) Budget

You must figure out a budget for your purchase. Based on that decision, you can determine whether you would like to have a custom-cut product or find something from our range of products in-store. Diamonds come in various price ranges, and each range has unique, brilliant pieces to offer. Before choosing clarity grades and other specifications, it’s best to determine the budget you are comfortable with to best spend your money.

4) Color & Clarity

These two parameters are pre-determined once you find a diamond. A well-cut diamond can, up to a certain extent, hide the flaws present in the form of color and clarity. Always aim to choose diamonds that are clean and near-colorless, hence not overspending on things that you don’t see.

5) Final Selection & Certification

Once you’re done with the Five Cs and shape, check for certifications. At Jianna Jewelers, every single piece is always GIA certified, so you can rest assured knowing you are making a quality purchase.

With this set of criteria, you’ll get not only the best value for your money but also a beautiful heirloom piece of jewelry to keep for generations to come.