The clarity of a diamond is not easy to judge. A diamond may have two types of imperfections – internal and surface. Internal imperfections are called inclusions and surface defects are called blemishes. Inclusions are anything trapped inside the diamond while it was in the mineral state. It could be in any form - solid, liquid or gas. Most of the inclusions are small and barely visible to the naked eye. Though if the defect is large, it can affect the diamond’s ability to refract and sparkle. Blemishes, on the other hand, refer to scratches and chips at the surface. Bigger inclusions in the center of a diamond are often visible to the naked eye, and they also prevent the light from traveling freely. The clearer a diamond is, the better the flawless grade-stamp it receives. Even the prices of diamonds depend on this grading system.

Jianna Jewelers’ diamonds are always higher than SI1 grade (not visible to the naked eye), so you can shop our products with confidence knowing they are top quality.