Diamond Shapes

After the Five Cs comes the shape. There are tons of options to choose from, and some of the popular shapes that many diamond aficionados prefer are:

Round- Cut Diamond

This cut is the most common due to the symmetry of roundness, as it is the best reflector of light. When comparing two different-shaped diamonds, the round-cut will be the most valuable if every other aspect is equal.

Princess- Cut Diamond

This cut variety is a go-to style for rings, especially if you’re looking for a breathtaking piece for proposing to the love of your life. This eye-catching cut is either square or rectangular with sharp corners. It creates a captivating halo of sparkle, and is by far the most popular cut after round-cut diamonds.

Emerald- Cut Diamond

This cut is rectangular in shape and has angled, cropped corners. What sets it apart from other shapes is the sheer variety of sizes in which it is available. The length-to-width ratios vary widely, and there are many options when choosing this particular shape.

Asscher- Cut Diamond

Square in shape with slant sides, the Asscher cut is named after a renowned diamond cutter Joseph Asscher, who introduced this style in 1902. The curved and blunt shape gives an Asscher-cut diamond a distinct elegance and modest flair.

Radiant- Cut Diamond

Introduced a little over 20 years ago, this style has become popular again recently. As the name suggests, its glow is quite unique and makes this shape stand out. This new entrant into the shape family is crafted in a beautiful mix of round cuts and emerald cuts.

Cushion- Cut Diamond

Cushion cut was introduced in the early 1800s and has quite the heritage. It is available in square and rectangle frames with round sides. Because of this reason and the legacy of the cut, it is considered to be a vintage version of round-cut diamonds. The large facets of these diamonds bring out the clarity palpably and make them appear as high-graded diamonds.

Marquise- Cut Diamond

The unique shape of marquise-cut diamonds makes them appear larger than they are. This cut is found in round or pear shapes and has sharp, pointed ends. This cut looks great on small fingers, as its length makes the finger appear longer.

Oval- Cut Diamond

This is somewhat similar to the marquise cut, except the oval cut does not have sharp, pointed edges. The oval cut also has the same number of facets as a round-cut diamond. When compared to a round-cut diamond of the same carat, the oval cut diamond appears to be larger because of its elongated shape.

Pear- Cut Diamond

Pear cut diamond is very elegant and is also referred to as a “drop cut” or “teardrop cut” as it is cut to resemble a drop of water. This cut is rounded at the end with a single point, giving them a subtle royal look. Pear-cut diamonds are also popular for their slim appearance.

Heart- Cut Diamond

Owing to their heart-shaped appearance, this diamond is mostly purchased for occasions like engagements or anniversaries. Due to the high levels of precision required to craft this style, it is also one of the toughest to make. The heart-cut diamond is quite distinctive, so when choosing, make sure you select the appropriate length-to-width ratio as per the length of your finger.