Jianna Jewelers offers all sorts of services to its existing and new customers, as we are custom jewelers all repairs and services are done within our manufacturing premises. Customers can be rest assured with their stones and jewelry.

Jewelry Maintenance and repair

1) Ring sizing

2) Jewelry cleaning and polishing

3) Jewelry

4) Soldering


Most insurance companies require an appraisal from a certified gemologist before they can insure your items. Our owner is a certified gemologist from the reputed Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad who can evaluate your jewelry for insurance purposes.

Custom diamond cutting or diamond re-cutting

At Jianna Jewelers, all diamonds are cut in their factories overseas. Diamond cutting is the most important aspect which gives sparkle, brilliance and light to the stone. We offer services to re-cut, re-shape and re-polish your diamond to give it a modern brilliant look.

Diamond Education

As we are third general jewelers, we have in depth knowledge on almost every aspect of jewelry and gemstones. We can provide you with the right guidance in taking the right decisions for your future.