Learn about BOVET Timepieces and their
200 years of pure engineering brilliance



Bovet’s Engineering Brilliance and its Exceptional Artistry

For nearly 200 years, the House of BOVET has handcrafted the finest timepieces, allowing collectors to experience what is the true pleasure of the luxury of time. To further ensure this excellence, Mr. Pascal Raffy has limited the House’s annual production to 800 handcrafted timepieces, making all components in-house, respecting Swiss artisanal processes, and adding the commitment to exclusivity and uniqueness.


The Jianna And BOVET Partnership

It was a perfect pairing to have such a high quality jewelry company and Timepiece company come together to bring a unique experience to their customers.

Bovet Collections


Battista Tourbillon




Orbis Mundi


Miss Audrey Sweet Art